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By sea


On many of Tierra Chiloé’s excursions, weather permitting, guests will be able to sail the waters of the numerous channels separating the islands of Chiloé where the main attractions are unbeatable views and a vantage point that is entirely different from what one enjoys while traveling overland.

Our vessel "Williche" was tailor-made entirely out of wood for the hotel by local boat builders who employed ancient techniques traditionally used by island craftsman.



    We will travel north by land along the coast between Dalcahue and Quemchi, towards Tenaún, the town of the “three hills” where we can visit the church which is decorated with stars and has three towers, like its namesake. Time permitting, we may also stop at the Tocoihue Waterfall which is considered a ceremonial place in Chilote mythology.

    We will then take our boat, the Williche, towards the Chauques Islands, considered the most beautiful chain of islands in Chiloe, which conserve the essence of the archipelago. We arrive at the charming town of Mechuque, which takes us back to another time, with its traditional houses on stilts, a church, an ancient bridge and a maze of passageways that will take us to a private collection of historic maritime, agricultural and ranching artefacts, which reflect typical Chilote family life. Following lunch there is a choice of activities for the afternoon – kayak through the canals, like the indigenous people did in their dugout canoes, or you might opt to hike up to the Mechuque viewpoint (an easy 1.5 hours) where you can see all the splendor of the Chauques Islands. We will return to the hotel aboard the Williche.

    • Duration: Full Day
    • Difficulty: Easy

    Chelin - Quehui

    We will board our boat the “Williche” and sail towards the southwest, moving away from the Rilán Peninsula to the island of Chelin. Here, we will stroll through rustic streets past traditional homes until we reach the World Heritage Site church that is currently being restored. Here, we can see with our own eyes the work of artisans and architects who seek to preserve the history of this area with its neoclassical style and imitation marble paintings. Next, we will discover the Chilote cemetery that still has niches imitating the traditional wood-shingled homes of the village – a miniature town of the dead, lost in time. After visiting a lookout we walk through a small wood and take the boat over to the island of Quehui. This area’s unique geography allows us to sail to the heart of the island by way of the Pindo Estuary’s calm waters. Here, we can try our hand at kayaking, sail the shoreline in our Zodiac or bicycle on nearby trails to clis with gorgeous views. We can also walk in the picturesque streets of Quehui, which every year received many visitors for the “Ocean Festival”. This traditional gathering maintains the cuisine, folklore and customs of the archipelago alive. Lunch is taken on board.

    • Duration: Full Day
    • Difficulty: Easy.