Tierra Patagonia Excursions

"Why then and this is not only my particular case – does this barren land possess my mind? I find it hard to explain.... but it might partly be because it enhances the horizons of imagination."

Charles Darwin.


About the Excursions


Our excursions are led by qualified and experienced guides; with them you can do many different activities, such as hikes, horse rides, scenic visits or bicycle rides to discover the places of interest in the Torres del Paine National Park, as well as other less explored areas outside the borders of the park.

We divide our activities into 3 different levels of difficulty:

  • Easy: apt for all ages and capabilities.
  • Medium: requires a reasonable level of physical ability and/or experience
  • High: These activities require excellent physical condition, experience and ability.

Every day you can choose two half day excursions or one full day excursion:

  • Half Day: morning and/or afternoon, lunch is taken in the hotel.
  • Full Day: start in the morning and a lunch box is provided, with return to the hotel in the afternoon, usually after 18.00 hrs.

*Adhering our sustainability program, Tierra Patagonia offers the following excursions through local providers: Navigations, kayaking and fly-fishing. Considering this, these excursions are based on availability, climatic conditions and confirmation from our local suppliers.

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa reserves the right to cancel any of these activities at any point during the excursion planning or “outdoor” phase due to existent and/or perceived risks for the guests or guiding teams. These excursions can be requested at the moment of reservation, but will be confirmed on site at Tierra Patagonia with our expert personnel, who will evaluate and determine the excursion´s execution.

*All inclusive programs include excursions from midday on your arrival day to the final full day of your stay. Excursions on departure day are not included.

*If you would like to have a massage or spa treatment, we recommend you check the times of return of excursions and make a reservation with spa staff beforehand in order to ensure the treatment of your choice.