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Our Story

In centuries past, the inhabitants of San Pedro de Atacama lived in small communities made up of extended families, these were known as "Ayllus". Communities shared the precious resources of the oasis, built important canals to distribute the water and also organized a way of working which used the available manpower to benefit the community as a whole. The land of Tierra Atacama is part of the Ayllú de Yaye.

Tierra Atacama Hotel and Spa is built on the site of the old cattle corral, where the drovers who brought cattle from Argentina to the Port of Antofagasta stopped to feed and rest their animals after the tough crossing of the Andes. They restocked on forage and water before continuing their journey. The architects of Tierra Atacama decided to incorporate the ancient adobe walls into the entrance of the hotel, preserving them as a monument to the history of the area.


    Adventure Spa Philosophy

    Tierra Hotels has an adventure spa philosophy. We believe our guests want to experience the outdoors actively and adventurously and then be welcomed back to the hotel with a variety of relaxing options ranging from a simple nap to one of our professional spa services.

    Those who want to skip the daily excursions can look for inner peace at the hotel, spend time in the Uma Spa -with both outdoor and indoor swimming pools-, the library or choose tranquility by stretching out on an outdoor bed, curling up with a book on the living room sofa, or closing your eyes in the privacy of your own room or terrace. We'll make sure your stay is as active or as peaceful as you deci




    The grounds of Tierra Atacama were designed by a renowned Chilean landscape artist, Teresa Moller. She preserved original ancient algarrobo and chañar trees on the site, enhanced the very old irrigation canals and renovated the adobe walls which had been abandoned.


    She designated certain areas for the cultivation of native species and other areas for new species that would adapt to the climate. There is a small orchard, a vegetable garden and a medicinal herb garden as well as several fields of alfalfa and other crops.

    The grounds include special areas for sitting and relaxing and simply enjoying the natural peace of the area and the wonderful views.