Flora & Fauna at your doorstep

With Tierra Patagonia, guests have the unique opportunity to discover all the flora & fauna Torres del Paine and its surrounding lands have to offer.



      Chilean Patagonia is home to more than 120 species of plants belonging to over 50 different families. The Beech, Lenga and Coihue trees, from the Nothofagus genus, are native to the area and give a sense of weathered timelessness, these are seen on excursions both in and outside of Torres del Paine. In addition you will see fascinating shrubs such as Firebush, Winter's Bark, Pickwood, Fuchsia and Calafate as well as cushion plants with names like Fire Tongue, Cojin de la Suegra (Mother-In-Law's Cushion) and Mata Barrosa.

      Flowers appear in abundance and there are many types of Orchids, Iris and Dasies which can be found along side Patagonian flowers such as Almond Flowers, Lupins, Streaked Maidens and Waterfall Plants. Apart from trees, shrubs and flowers, Patagonia boasts herbs and grasses such as Wild Parsley, Bedstraw, Watercress, Camomille, Mountain Spinach and local grasses including the graceful Patagonian Barley and the flower-filled Mayweed.




      The park boasts more than 100 bird species and 30 mammal species as well as countless reptiles, amphibians, insects and marine species. Among the mammals living in the wild, you'll find Guanaco, Puma, tiny deer called Huemul, Humboldt's Hog-nosed Skunks, Patagonian Grey Foxes and even the Big Hairy Armadillos (that is the actual name of the species!).

      Chilean Patagonia is also home to many rare birds making it possible to spot Andean Condors, ostrich-like Ñandu, gorgeous Crested Cara Cara, Carancho Hawks, Green-backed Firecrown Hummingbirds, the Buff-Necked Ibis and even Chilean Flamingos. Our guides can take you on an adventure searching for the likes of Four-eyed Frogs, Spiny-chest Frogs, Patagonian Toads, Magelleanic Lizards and even Darwin's Grumblers.

      Many of these animals and birds are not frightened by people and in order to keep it that way, Tierra Patagonia wants to make sure that impact is minimal while observing this wide variety of species. Our guides will be sure to help you with some tips and guidelines on how we can help protect the Flora & Fauna in the Patagonia.