Full Day Walks

Pingo & Grey Valley Peninsula


Dificulty: Medium
Walk length: 3,5 hours / 10 km

Departing from the hotel by van, we pass through the most beautiful viewpoints of the National Park until we reach the Grey Entrance. From here we walk in the Pingo valley on a gently sloping path which follows the bed of the Pingo River. This is one of the greenest areas of the park where it is also possible to see interesting geographical formations. We pass by an old “puesto” of the gauchos and reach the “Chorillo del Salmón” a small waterfall hidden in a Nothofagus wood. We return via the same path. Following lunch, we visit picturesque Grey Lake where icebergs float on the water from the Grey Glaciar, which can be seen in the distance.

*Includes box lunch


Paso de Agostin


Difficulty: Medium - High
Walk length: 5 hours / 12 km

This hike starts from the Estancia Lazo and we enter the National Park walking through the Laguna Verde entrance and entering a charming wood of lenga trees. During the hike we can see the Paine Massif and a wide variety of smaller lakes which give wonderful photo opportunities. We share a box lunch surrounded by nature where a variety of different animals can be spotted, depending on the time of the year. A short climb of about 10 minutes takes us to a viewpoint with vistas of Lago del Toro, the largest in the area as well as the Paine River. The descent from here takes 35 minutes to the Weber Bridge where a vehicle is waiting to take us back to the hotel.

*Includes box lunch


Mirador Ferrier & Grey Peninsula


Difficulty: High
Walk length: 5 hours / 10 km

This is a great option to see most of the national park combined in two hikes. First we will hike the challenging trail to the Ferrier Viewpoint. The terrain is very steep and we gain altitude very quickly (700 meters ascent). We will pass through a beautiful Lenga forest before reaching the windy lookout. At this point we will have spectacular views of Grey Glacier, Paine Massif, Paine river, Lago del Toro, among others. The descent is the same way, very steep!. After lunch we will visit the picturesque Lago Grey, where you can see ice floes near the shore and the Grey Glacier can be seen in the distance.

*Includes box lunch


French Valley


Difficulty: High
Walk length: 8 hours / 17 km

This excursion starts with a 30 minute boat ride across Pehoé Lake. We walk along a winding trail that passes the slopes of Paine Grande and the shores of Lago Skottsberg. There are great views of the Cuernos del Paine on the way. Upon reaching the Italian Camp, we will cross a bridge over the French river and head up the French valley to the view point that sits below the world famous French Glacier. We will return along the same trail and take the boat for the last 30 minutes to the point where the van will take us back to the hotel.

* Includes box lunch
* Available from November 16th through March 15th, except on December 25th and January    1st.
* Area affected by the 2011 fire.


Base of The Torres


Difficulty: High
Walk length: 7 to 8 hours / 18 km

This world famous hike demands stamina, but the rewards are the impressive views of the three granite towers. This hike ascends strongly for one hour bordering the Rio Ascensio until reaching the Paso de los Vientos. From here it takes 30 minutes to reach Campamento Chileno where we can have a little rest. The walk continues to ascend through the forest for 1,5 hours, gaining altitude very quickly and with amazing views of the geological formations in the area such as folds, fractures and granite intrusions. The last hour is the most
challenging and dicult, where the trail winds up thorough a moraine section of loose rock, there is exposure to the wind and where the weather is unpredictable. Arriving at the lookout we will have the classic view of the Torres del Paine and weather permitting, we can lunch with this fantastic landscape in front of us. We will descend along the same trail and it takes about four hours to reach the starting point, so it definitely requires good knees and you need to be in good shape. Make sure you dress properly, rain pants and waterproof jacket, hat, gloves, fleece or any warm jacket, synthetic and breathable top, light hiking pants, hiking boots. Avoid wearing cotton, jeans and new boots. This excursion is hard and strenuous if you are not used to long distance hikes.

*Includes box lunch