Half Day Walks



Difficulty: Easy
Walk length: 2 hours walking

*Tierra Patagonia Exclusive

This walk is perfect for stretching your legs on arrival at Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa. Head towards the lake shore and the boundary of the Torres del Paine National Park; pass through areas of low bush, with panoramic views of Lake Sarmiento. From the surrounds of the hotel, the architecture can be seen to melt into the surrounding pampa whilst the dramatic skyline of the Sierra Baguales behind can be seen, separating Chile from Argentina. The element that most stands out during this walk are the thrombolytes, geographic formations which are several million years old. They were created by some of the oldest living organisms on the face of the earth. The lake shore is full of them and the caves hide the most important predator in the park, the puma. This is the hotel’s garden and it is common to see wildlife such as eagles, condors, guanaco, sheep, foxes and ñandú (a type of ostrich) as well as the amazing view of the Torres del Paine mountain range.


Mirador Cuernos


Difficulty: Easy
Walk length: 2 to 3 hours / 4 km

*Area affected by the 2011 fire.

This is one of the classic hikes in the heart of the park. After a scenic drive, passing by the Sarmiento and Nordenskjöld viewpoints, we arrive at the starting point. The terrain is fairly flat with only one steeper part, and we can always see the “cuernos” or horns of Paine in front of us. We visit the “Salto Grande” or “Big Waterfall” and continue along the shores of Lake Nordenskjöld. On arrival at the viewpoint, you can appreciate from close up the geology that formed the massif. We return along the same path, with the “horns” at our back. There are frequent strong winds in this area.


Hunters Trail


Difficulty: Medium
Walk length: 2,5 to 3 hours / 6,5 km

After a 30 minute drive to the Porteria Lago Sarmiento this trek starts gradually, winding its way northwards, with the Paine Massif as a constant companion. Half way through we will visit a rocky area where there are cave paintings from the Aonikenk, hunter-gatherer native Indians that occupied this area some 6,000 years ago. It is also one of the best areas to see wildlife such as guanacos, foxes and condors. The hike ends a few meters away from Portería Laguna Amarga where the van is waiting to drive us back to the hotel.


Cornices (Condoreras)


Difficulty: Medium
Walk length: 2,5 a 3 hours / 6 km

*Tierra Patagonia Exclusive

Leaving the Hotel we will drive 30 minutes towards the area of the estancias. This hike climbs progressively along a prominent rock buttress where we will be rewarded with stunning views of the Torres del Paine, Sierra Contreras, Sierra del Toro and also the Hotel, from a 360° view point. Strong winds are frequent in this area. The descent is down a hill where there is no defined trail, so hikers must find their own way down. This hike is ideal for those who want to see different places outside the park boundaries and away from the crowds. At certain times of the year and depending on weather conditions this may also be a good place to spot condors.


Origins of Life


Difficulty: Medium
Walk length: 2 hours hiking / 3 km

Departing from the hotel, we drive towards the Sarmiento entrance to the Park and after 40 minutes approximately, we leave the vehicle to start the walk. The first section is mostly flat then we arrive at a steeper incline leading down to the shores of Lake Sarmiento. Here we can view the incredible rocky formations of the thrombolytes, which take us back to an earlier geological era. With a different perspective of the Paine Massif, we walk by the edges of small lagoons in the glacial moraine spotting wildlife on the way. In springtime the area is full of flowers.