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Getting to Tierra Chiloé Hotel & Spa

      Flights: The easiest way to reach Chiloé is by plane from Santiago to Chiloe (Castro, Mocopulli Airport - MHC). The flight departs from Santiago and makes one stop in Puerto Montt before continuing to Castro, Chiloé. Then the journey continues by vehicle. Tierra Chiloé picks you up from the airport of Mocopulli and drives you to the hotel.

      There are several flights every week from Santiago to Chiloé. Lan Chile is the only airline operating these flights. The flight from Santiago takes around 2,5 hours (1 hour 40 minutes to Puerto Montt and then 35 minutes from Puerto Montt to

      By car: National highway #5 takes you to Dalcahue or to Castro; from either of these points your route map will show the access to the hotel. Contact info@tierrahotels.com to get detailed drivin instructions