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As well as the list of detailed excursions, Tierra Patagonia is constantly exploring its surrounding areas in order to provide new and innovative trips for our guests. Upon arrival please ask our guides for all the latest updates.

*These activities have an additional cost and are subject to availability

Sailing on the Serrano River



    Difficulty: Easy
    Length: 5 hour trip in zodiac & 1 hour walk

    The trip starts in the Serrano area on the western side of the Park, where we board zodiac boats to start the descent down the Serrano River. We will head into one of the least discovered parts of the area, near the Bernardo O’Higgins National Park, view the Tyndall and Geike glaciers and part of the Great Southern Ice Field. On arrival at the Puerto Toro section, we will walk for approximately 20 minutes to the base of the Serrano Glacier, viewing coigue, canelo, lenga nirre, chilco murtillo, chaura and calafate bushes as well as other local flora. We return to the zodiacs to return via the same route and share a Patagonian Lamb Barbecue on the banks of the river.





    Difficulty: Easy
    Length: 2 hours walking

    With ever-changing landscapes dominated by the Patagonian wind, the Torres del is a meeting point for wildlife. With several dierent ecosystems, it is possible to encounter more than 120 bird species, including flamingos, caiquenes, ducks, ñandú (a type of ostrich), magallanic woodpeckers, caranchos, eagles and of course the majestic condor. We depart at dawn when the birdlife is more active and the light favors photography. We travel between lakes, woods and pampa searching for bird life in an experience which is enriching for both beginners and experts. We discover more about the lifecycles of dierent birds, while we view the impressive magellanic scenery.

    The best time for bird watching is from December to February and the principal areas to be
    visited are Laguna de los Juncos, Laguna de los Cisnes and Estancia Cerro Paine, amongst





    Difficulty: Requires previous experience, this is not a fishing class.
    Length: 7 Hours

    This experience combines fishing the unpredictable waters of Patagonia, trekking to reach unexplored areas, the passion for fly fishing and a world class destination. Accompanied
    by a local, specialist guide, you will discover pristine local rivers as well as local fishing culture. The adventure puts fishing skills to the test as you fight to dominate the Patagonian wind amidst beautiful scenery. Many rivers in the area are near to the sea, so there are several dierent species to fish. Some of the places where fishing is available include Rio Baguales, Las Chinas, Serrano, Lago del Toro and Lago Maravilla, amongst others. It is possible to find salmon-trout, brown trout, Chinook, pacific salmon, Patagonian tooth fish, and rainbow trout, some of which reach up to 12 kgs. During the full day experience, the guide will move according to his “reading” of the river and evaluate the fishing depending on what’s available in the dierent pools. A Patagonian style lunch on the banks of the river is included.

    Note: Fishing permits must be obtained for each person fishing in compliance with the
    ocial fishing ruling

    *Includes Box Lunch
    *Note: Fishing permits must be obtained for each person fishing in compliance with the official fishing ruling.