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Adventure Spa Philosophy


Tierra Hotels has an adventure spa philosophy. We believe our guests want to experience the outdoors actively and adventurously and then be welcomed back to the hotel with a variety of relaxing options ranging from a simple nap to one of our professional spa services.

Those who want to skip the daily excursions can look for inner peace at the hotel, spend time in the Uma Spa with both outdoor and indoor swimming pools, the library or choose tranquility by stretching out on an outdoor bed, curling up with a book on the living room sofa, or closing your eyes in the privacy of your own room or terrace. We'll make sure your stay is as active or as peaceful as you decide.


Facilities & services

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa`s facilities include a large central space with a welcoming open fire, living room, bar, a library, TV room, map area for discovering the activities and excursions available and the dining room. There is WiFi in the public areas and iPads available for guest use.

Uma Spa is within the hotel and features an indoor swimming pool with jets, cascades and the same stunning views of the Torres del Paine as the rest of the hotel. There is also an outdoor Jacuzzi, sauna, steam bath, locker rooms and relaxation areas. Our Spa professionals offer many types of massages and facials using local stones and elements.

The hotel offers all-inclusive packages that include your stay, all meals, bar, guided excursions, use of Uma Spa facilities and transfers to and from the local airports. Our excellent, friendly staff is primarily hired locally and from within Chile.


About the Hotel


Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa sits on a bluff where the South American pampa meets Lake Sarmiento. The building is immersed in the landscape and emerges from the hillside. The award winning architecture complements the flow of the geology in this privileged location and showcases the magnificent views of the Torres del Paine National Park, declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1978.

Inside, wood clad walls emanate warmth, safety and protection – a cozy hideaway after a day spent discovering the amazing Patagonian outdoors. The essence of the interior decoration mirrors the design of our sister hotel, Tierra Atacama and here, as there, furnishings and textiles were hand made by Chilean craftspeople, using natural materials from the region, high quality workmanship and inspiration from the surrounding estancias as well as the influence of the native Tehuelche people.

The ambience of Tierra Patagonia is casual and friendly, the different spaces created by the designers mean that guests can mingle and get to know one another or find a quiet corner to relax and get away from it all.

There is something truly delicious about curling up on a comfortable sofa with a lap blanket, a book and a glass of wine and then forgetting about the book and just staring out the window at one of the Earth's most sublime places


Live life to the fullest at Tierra Patagonia

Imagine waking up to wonderful views of sunrise over the Torres del Paine, whilst luxuriating in our wonderful beds. Enjoy breakfast in the Dining Room and then get ready to head out for your excursion to the National Park or to one of the neighboring ranches. Come back to the hotel marveling at the nature you have just witnessed, and enjoy a tasty and healthy lunch. Afterwards, you might choose to go out for another excursion or decide to visit Uma Spa for a massage, facial, swim, sauna, or steam bath.

As the evening approaches, meet new faces in the Living Room and Bar, enjoy the way the clouds and the wind change the scenery outside, or immerse yourself in the history of the original settlers in the area in the library mezzanine. Then enjoy cocktails and dinner, accompanied by Chile's finest wines.


Our backyard, Lake Sarmiento

Take a short walk down to Lake Sarmiento to explore the black sand beach, ideal for long and leisurely walks. You'll discover Calafate bushes and other shrubs endemic to the ecological zone, called the Fuergian Steppe. You'll probably also see some ñandues, the local ostrich-like birds and possibly some grazing guanaco. All this, just steps away from the hotel.

The lake is a closed basin elliptical lake with 47 miles (78km) of shoreline and a surface area of 86km2. The eastern border of the lake makes up the edge of Torres del Paine National Park, and here our luxury hotel sits just a few minutes up the hillside.

Lake Sarmiento is a geo-site under study by the Sociedad Geologica de Chile because of the presence of the extremely rare formations called thrombolites. These white rocks are layered conglomerates of sand, aragonite shells of gastropods and filamentous cyano-bacterium. All this matter is enclosed by a clotted structure of Calcite Magnesium. Thrombolites are very uncommon but you can see them up close along the beach in front of Tierra Patagonia.