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Volcano Climbing



    Duration: 9 to 11 Hours
    Level of Difficulty: Difficult


    Lascar Volcano, Chile´s most active volcano, is a perfect spot for mountaineers. Leaving the hotel at 2.400 m (7,870 ft.) we will travel 100 km toward the South, passing by Laguna Lejía. We will arrive at an altitude of approximately 4.800 m (16,000 ft.), where we will begin our climb on the South face of the volcano until we reach the summit, which is at approximately 5.592 m (18,300 ft.) The hike is about 2 miles long, with an ascent of 600m (1900 ft.) Once we arrive, you will be able to see the volcano´s active smoke vents and multiple craters as well as a panoramic view of the Salar de Atacama and Laguna Lejía. We will start our descent gradually back along the same trail until we meet up with the van that will take us back to the hotel.

    Including the ascent and descent, we will be hiking for four hours. This is a full day excursion in an environment that is surrounded by amazing mountains and diverse plant and wildlife. To ensure there are no issues with altitude sickness, this excursion requires acclimatization and guests are recommended to stay with us for five to seven days. Before participating in this excursion, guests must have completed at least one other high altitude hike.


    Duration: 5 to 7 Hours
    Level of Difficulty: Difficult


    The journey starts from the hotel, travelling in a vehicle for 1 hour 30 minutes to the starting starting point of the walk at a height of 4,800m. approx (16,500ft.) The peak of the volcano is is at 5,650m. /18,645ft. and from the top there are great views of the Bolivian Altiplano and the Atacama Salt Flat to the west. After time for a break and a rest, the descent is taken slowly and safely down the same route until the vehicle is reached. Return to the hotel by vehicle. If time and the weather permits we can arrange more challenging volcano walks once Toco has been successfully conquered!

    *Due to the extreme altitude and desert conditions in Atacama, volcano and mountain climbing are considered highly difficult. Tierra Atacama Hotel & Spa reserves the right to evaluate the risks associated with the guests´ physical abilities as well as the climatic conditions of the area before confirming one of these excursions. Tierra Atacama requires a minimum five night stay to participate in a volcano or mountain climb to ensure acclimatization to the altitude and desert conditions, but at no time guarantees the execution of these climbs.