When to Travel



      The weather in Patagonia is extremely unpredictable and guests need to pack for all temperatures and precipitations! Often all four seasons can be experienced in one day. Strong winds which blow off the Southern Ice Field characterize the summer months (November to February). The hotel is 100 meters above sea level so guests should not experience any altitude problems.

      The hotel is closed on winter season (see chart below)




      Temperatures in Patagonia vary wildly, often within the same day. We recommend that you dress in layers, for maximum comfort. It is very important for your comfort to make sure to bring the following; A good, warm and windproof jacket, preferably made of goretex or other “mountain” material, trekking pants, several warm sweaters, polar fleece and earmuffs to protect your ears from the wind, sunblock and sunglasses as well as lipbalm.

      Temperatures vary during the seasons and typically range as follows:


      Travel Tip


      If you travel between December and January, as soon as you arrive to Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa, ask about sheep shearing season. Your trip could coincide with the gaucho's tradition of herding thousands of sheep through the grasslands of Patagonia, definitely a must see!