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When to Travel



      The weather is mainly pleasant and dry all year. Some rain may fall during the Bolivian winter between January and April, with rain and snow seen mostly in the high mountains. This rarely affects the travel experience in San Pedro, however it does mean that some high-altitude excursions may be suspended as the roads become inaccessible. In San Pedro there may very rarely be storm showers in the afternoon.

      Desert temperatures vary greatly following the rising and setting of the sun (see chart) and therefore we recommend dressing in layers at all times of the year. Note that night temperatures in winter (June-Sept) are very cold. Sunblock, sunglasses and sun hats are essential at any time of year. For more information on how to prepare for your trip, see the FAQs.




          The chart below shows average day and night temperatures for each season in San Pedro de Atacama which is at 7.920 feet/2.400 meters. Keep in mind that some excursions up into the altiplano and the Andes mountains can take you up to 13.860 feet/4.200 meters. These excursions require jackets and warm clothing all year round.


          Travel Tip

          Tierra Atacama Hotel and Spa offers great weather and activities all year round, so you might want to consider the following when deciding on travel dates.

          We are the busiest from October through March each year during Spring and Summer. While it is a great time to travel, you may want to consider some of our excellent promotions during Fall and Winter. From free nights in Santiago and wine country to no cost for kids, find the package that works best for you!